Clinic Ramana

Clinic Ramana

Dr. Ramana is a senior surgeon specialising in hernia and bariatric surgery and has been a general and advanced laparoscopic surgeon for more than three decades. When he approached us with the intent of increasing footfalls in his clinic, we were clear about using his brand equity and unmatched capabilities as the value propositions for his prospects. We decided to stick to minimalistic themes using shades of blue for the website and socials. Blue is a colour that instills faith and is majorly used in the medical industry. Our approach was very straightforward, showing real patients, surgeries and challenges tackled by the doctor in dealing with complicated cases.

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Web Development:

WordPress - Lead generation

Social Media Marketing:

Facebook and Instagram's posts and advertisements

Google Ads:

Search Ads, Youtube Ads, Display Ads



Brand Identity:

Brand Identity The clinic's brand identity embraces a minimalist aesthetic with soothing shades of blue, evoking trust and faith, while authentically showcasing real patients' transformative journeys and the doctor's expertise in conquering complex medical challenges.

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