East India

East India

East India Pharmaceutical Works Limited, a prestigious pharmaceutical company with a rich heritage, emerged with the aim of leveraging private entrepreneurship to develop an organization dedicated to synthesizing contemporary drugs from fundamental chemicals and addressing the healthcare needs of millions. EIPWL stands synonymous with excellence, prioritizing uncompromising quality at every stage of production, from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products. By utilizing cutting-edge equipment, highly trained personnel, and a state-of-the-art R&D Department, we ensure the highest standards of quality. 
We partnered with East India to revolutionize their hero product, Sandalite Body Oil. We undertook a comprehensive branding approach, harnessing the power of videos, captivating social media campaigns, and catchy jingles. Understanding our target audience, we employed colloquial language to establish an authentic connection. To enhance the appeal, we integrated Ayurvedic references, resonating with the audience's holistic lifestyle choices. Our strategy resulted in heightened brand visibility, increased engagement, and a loyal customer base for East India's Sandalite Body Oil.

Project Info -

Web Development:

WordPress - E-commerce

Social Media Marketing:

Facebook & Instagram posts and advertisement.

Google Ads:

Youtube Ads, Display Ads


Flex, Banners , Standees


West Bengal, India

Brand Identity:

Social media posts, a captivating color palette for Sandalite, multi-platform advertising, and a memorable jingle.

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