Solar Maxx

Solar Maxx

Solar Maxx operate under the mission of "Creating a Sustainable World," offering accessible and cost-effective turnkey Solar Power solutions. As a fully integrated Solar solutions provider, they possess in-house manufacturing capabilities for internationally certified Solar PV Panels and Solar Hot Water systems. Despite facing the significant obstacles posed by the ongoing pandemic, their commitment to fostering a sustainable world has only grown stronger. 
Our collaboration with Solar Maxx, a leading solar panel provider and installer, is centered around B2B business expansion. We employed a multi-faceted approach, running lead generation ads and optimizing the LinkedIn platform. By leveraging LinkedIn ads, we targeted high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) who were likely to invest in solar panel solutions. Our strategy aimed at capturing qualified leads and forging valuable partnerships in the B2B space. Through strategic ad placements and audience targeting, we successfully generated interest and increased Solar Maxx's reach within the HNI market segment.

Project Info -

Web Development:

WordPress - Lead generation

Social Media Marketing:

Facebook and LinkedIn Ads

Google Ads:

Search Ads, Display Ads


Jaipur, Rajasthan

Brand Identity:

Created a consistent brand voice and visual identity to increase Solar Maxx’s online presence through Facebook posts. Google and LinkedIn ads highlighted the company’s commitment to sustainability, showcasing their high-quality solar panels and installation services.

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