Glamour World

Glamour World

Glamour World Ayurvedic combines Ayurvedic knowledge with magic for self-care. Established in 2004 by businessman Mr. Amit Gupta, they have devoted 15 years to promoting the benefits of Ayurveda throughout the world. Their cosmetics, haircare, and skincare lines are tailored to your specific requirements. Their dedication to excellence and novelty guarantees that their merchandise satisfies global benchmarks.
We conducted multiple festival campaigns in collaboration with Glamour World, which generated a great deal of social media activity and successfully increased brand recognition. Furthermore, by using a thorough understanding of the buyer profile, our targeted ads on marketplaces and e-commerce platforms were able to successfully create significant sales. By utilizing these tactics, we were able to enhance Glamour World's visibility and revenue by making sure that their products were seen by the correct people and amplified their presence.

Project Info -

Social Media Marketing:

Facebook, Instagram posts and advertisements

Google Ads:

Youtube Ads, Display Ads


Flex, Banners


Orissa, Jharkhand, Assam, West Bengal

Brand Identity:

Curated a captivating color palette for social media, posted crafty content that highlighted their products and resonated with the target audience.

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