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Common question, people have been inquiring about the reach and strength of an organization are the number of employees they have and this is one question where my physical numbers do not add up. Let me tell you why, while our team is busy forecasting or working out strategies and entire group of youngsters are silently working in the background and that is the digital team of NIHT. They reach on the virtual and social space both in terms of width and depth is commendable. When you wake up in the morning and there are fresh leads waiting for you. NIHT has been working while you were in Slumberland, NIHT never sleeps. And they ensure that we are everywhere from digital marketing to search engine optimization from branding, to marketing collateral, and even helping us strategize internally, they are an integral part of Altius Sports.

Mr. Vikram Chopra - Founder & Managing Director

Altius Sports and Leisure Pvt Ltd
Hey, this is Yash from Around Always. We are a bridal footwear manufacturer. We just started our journey about a year and ahalf ago and we started almost with NIHT as our partner right on this journey. We we started, you know, just before the pandemic, we got our website live NIHT helped us, youknow, get this website off the ground pretty fast. We did that on WooCommerce and haven’t been looking back ever since because we’ve had such aphenomenal run, the website has been really helpful. I think we got a lot of the right features in place to be able to, you know, not just have presence in India, but also outside. So we are. I think that part of integration in terms of Payment Solutions are both for India, as well as abroad. I think was very well-managed bringing in the right set of Team initially to get that off the ground. Even though we were idst of a pandemic that has been phenomenal as well and you therefore see the, you know, great, great amount of jump in terms of the amount of work that but that we do with them as well as the amount of work that we’ve been, anyways, seeing in our platform, right? So, I think that has been really, really helpful.

Mr. Yash Dabriwal - Co-Founder

Around Always
My name is Ravina Agarwal, and I am the Director here at Manini Fashions Before working with Brands2Be, our digital marketing strategy was to do ads with an in-house team. However, we were not getting expertise on the ad management. We began working with Brands2Be in October 2022, and our initial goal was to optimize the ads We started to steadily build-up to the target we had set, but the final results we achieved took us by surprise. Within the first few months, we noticed our sales figures rise and the engagement with our brand online also increased. People started to take notice of our brand and what we were doing. We were also able to better analyze the market and reach out to more consumers. For anyone looking to gain a foothold in today’s digital industry, I would say Brands2Be is your best bet. Their experience, along with their dedicated workforce and innovative marketing strategies have been a game-changer for us.

Ms. Ravina Agarwal - Director

Minu Business

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