Vitrag Jewels

Vitrag Jewels

Vitrag Jewellers, where the magic of jewelry-making is about expressing yourself. Their team of experts is dedicated to providing an exceptional journey, setting them apart in the jewelry industry. Each piece they create is carefully crafted to match your style, guided by their passion every step of the way
As part of our collaboration with Vitrag Jewellers, we planned a large-scale picture session to highlight their exquisite jewellery line. By collaborating with top photographers and models in Bangalore, we produced captivating imagery that effectively conveyed the beauty of Vitrag's designs. This high-quality content played a pivotal role in boosting the brand's visibility on social media platforms and driving significant sales growth.

Project Info -

Social Media Marketing:

Facebook, Instagram posts and advertisements.

Google Ads:

Youtube Ads, Display Ads


Flex, Banners



Brand Identity:

Curated a captivating color palette for social media, posted crafty content that highlighted their products and resonated with the target audience.

Vitrag Jewels

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